Dream Part 4

The fourth weekend of the "Sleep, Dream, and the Dao of the Night" series focusing on "Path Dreaming".

The Path Dreamer is a Shamanic Dreamer who recognizes that the content of our dreams is, like the day experience, a mirror of our potential. They recognize that both their face and its reflection are not the Path – the Path is entering into the mirror’s capacity and cultivating its natural Light. It is a subtle matter of being direct.

How is the Path Dreamer’s practice different from the shaman’s? The shaman generally waits for dreams to come to them. They let dreams “have them” rather than be a path dreamer who “has dreams”. The shaman reads dream content for portent – they seek recovery and insight. The path dreamer finds their way into dream and then sees how to “create them” – this involves an assertion of intent.

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Dream Part 4
Recorded October 19th-21st 2007. 11hr47min, 261MB zip archive with mp3 and PDF class notes.
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