Introduction to Zhouyi: PART 1

Recording of the first Introduction to the Zhouyi class
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Introduction to Zhouyi: PART 1

This is the first of two recordings in which Liu Ming explains the history of the ZhouYi and lays the foundation for how we may engage with this living book.Click here for Part Two.

Liu Ming's translation of the ZhouYi is available for purchase here.

What is the ZhouYi?More popularly known as the 'Yijing' (iChing) or 'Book of Changes', the ZhouYi is primarily a book of divination generated by the pre-Chinese Zhou ethnic group (1027-221 BCE) - 'Yi' simply means change.  

A compilation of 64 images (or hexagrams) each consisting of 6 individual line statements comprises the base text. Compiled some 2,500 years ago, the 64 hexagrams have never been altered or added to.  

Recorded October 3rd, 2009, 3hrs 5min (67MB).

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