About Da Yuan Circle

Da Yuan Circle is a group of people that has gathered around Liu Ming to participate in assemblies, retreats, rituals, workshops and classes. It was formed in the early 1980’s not long after Liu Ming emerged from a long retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Though the group has experimented with various names and structures its real identity is simply the collective experience of its members.

Our on-going activities include classes, publishing books, and the purchase and development of land for a hermitage and burial site.

The name of the group means great completion. This great completion is available in every moment. Every moment contains such great kindness and permissive freedom that we can freely choose to live with any view of it. We can love it, hate it, be troubled by it, or delight in it. Because our natural condition is undifferentiated, it is our urge to differentiate that estranges us from it. In every moment all the ingredients for complete resolution and liberation are present. Our path is nothing other than clearing doubt about and stabilizing our appreciation of our natural condition.

The teachings and practices offered through DYC come from the splendid wellspring of Central and East Asian contemplative traditions. Our resources are early Daoism (particularly wuweidao) and Tantric Buddhism (particularly dzogchen). Though these traditions have been elaborated upon and made sectarian, DYC presents them honoring their basic animistic roots. We recognize that whatever the source or intention of the teachings, each individual’s capacity determines the result.

It is our firm belief that cultivating the Way leads away from compulsive behaviors – whether these behaviors are worldly or religious. If this makes sense to you – you are already a parishioner!

Official Status

In 1994 DYC received California state and United States federal (non-profit) classification as a church1. This allows us to receive tax-exempt donations. Church is our official title and we think it’s a good one. Our parish members live all over California and around the world. Though we have a teacher who plays the “pastor” role, the real heart of the church is the thoughts and actions of our international network of parishioners.

Our Collective Gesture

Our biggest celebration is the Lunar New Year Assembly. At that time Liu Ming expresses something about our wonderful and flawless diversity in an ever-changing world using ancient Chinese astrology. Each year this event further connects all of us to each other and to contemplative practitioners in various parts of the world.

1DYC is a California religious nonprofit corporation under Section 23701d of the California Revenue and Taxation Code. DYC also has IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status under the US Internal Revenue Code and is classified 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(i) under the IRC.