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Zi Wei Dou Shu Polestar Astrology

This course is a foundational exploration of the practical application and philosophical View of Zi Wei Astrology.  As we explore the history and method of this Chinese system of fate calculation–that has been in use since at least the Ming Dynasty–we will explore our fate/freedom profile in combination with our capacity. We will begin to understand how different aspects of fate and capacity correlates to the patterns of qi we experience in life.  We will learn to understand the wisdom of the Chinese mantic arts and how this understanding opens our experience and View of human nature, health and happiness.

During the course, each student will learn how to do the calculations to set up the foundations of a natal birth chart and four pillars assessment, and will have an opportunity to practice basic interpretation.

After completing this course, students will have basic understanding of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, and will have fundamental interpretation skills of the Twelve Greater Stars and Four Lesser Stars.  This understanding will lay the foundation for creating a Zi Wei Dou Shu natal astrology chart.


At the Threshold of the Unknowable: an Introduction to the Medicine and Wisdom Sciences of Liu Ming

This short class serves as an introduction to the vast body of knowledge and information represented by the late Liu Ming. Attendees will better understand how the underlying contemplative philosophy of Liu Ming’s non-conceptual approach informed the various forms of medicine and wisdom sciences he taught. We will also briefly explore the forms of practice that Liu Ming taught to support both our practice of medicine, and the expression of our innate self-nature, and see how this cultivation innately forms a foundation for spiritual, mental, and physical health and sanity.


Dao of the Night

This dream series is a complete cycle of teaching in five parts, designed by Liu Ming. Dao of the Night presents the profound potential found in our natural need to sleep. We begin with diagnostic dreams and the physiology of dreaming, followed by shamanic dreaming (divination and healing), then Daoist alchemical practice and dreaming, and finally Path Dreaming and dream as death practice.

“All good teachers recognize that you can’t just do daytime practice, you have to do night-time practice. There’s no daytime practice strong enough to make this unnecessary. This vivid aspect of our experience, night, is too much what we are. So we have to have a relationship with it.” –Liu Ming


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