10th Lunar Month...Diving into the Yin of the Yin

Here we are at the 10th Lunar Month...
During Water Rabbit Year, we’ve been cultivating an intention to swim with what is most reliable; more connection than individuation, surrender rather than advantage-seeking. We can remember value through continuity rather than trying to create it from thought and feeling.  So before we spring forward into the freshness and expansion of a Wood Dragon Year, we have had this opportunity to explore just what is there to expand. As Ming would say, “You are always practicing, the question is what are you practicing?!” 
So before we find ourselves in a somewhat new moment (two Wood and two Fire years), we first slide into the end of two Metal and two Water years, in a double Water month. Right now we are diving down into the Yin of the Yin. Here we can find out about the effortless relationality of our entire environment. And so in what do we find we are swimming? How do we float more than drown? 
To explore this, we can do what we’ve done all year; like a rabbit down deep in its den, we connect and remember. And now like a pig fully enjoying a roll in the mud, we fall all the way into our direct embodied experience; beyond hope, deeper than feeling, we can do some forgetting in order to truly remember. What can we leave behind, to remember what we truly are? Looking at all we’ve explored through the seasons of Water Rabbit Year, we are reminded of our resilience; always contracting and expanding, this movement is how we float, rather than swim upstream or drown. 
Questions to contemplate during Water Pig month could include:
-How is my experience different from my belief? 
-What might I forget, in order to remember? 
Written by Brooke Moen for DYC
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