Collection: Polestar Astrology

In this series entitled 'Polestar Astrology' (also known as Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple Star Astrology), Liu Ming teaches how to create and read a Chinese Polestar Natal Chart according to the Song Dynasty system of Astrology. The entire course was taught over 2 years and comprises 46 class recordings (124 hours of lecture in total).

What is Polestar Astrology?The Chinese Tradition characterizes Nature / The World / Humans as a single interconnected on-going cyclical patterning of self-arising and self-resolving movement. This patterning of movement is termed ‘qi’ (pronounced chee) in the Chinese Tradition and has no English language equivalent. Due to qi's tendency to be cyclical and repetitive in nature (like the unending constant changing of day to night / night to day or the 4 seasons), it becomes possible to name and characterize qi. Chinese Astrology developed as a means to describe and interact with the on-going flavors of movement (qi) using imagery and mathematics (e.g. 12 animals / 5 elements).

It is important to understand the imagery of the 12 zodiac animals and 5 elements are simply a metaphoric language describing the facets and flavors of change itself; the real nature of our experience is a constantly unfolding, non-solidified, un-abiding movement of qi. The profundity of the Chinese Tradition is found in the direct experience that everything is in a constant process of change (qi) - as opposed to the particulars (names) of what qi is changing into.

Chinese Polestar (Natal) Astrology looks specifically at the qi of an individual’s character and fate pattern. An individual, having arisen into the world with countless other beings and things at a particular moment when qi was patterned in a particular way, patterns those individuals accordingly. Using the Polestar Astrological language, we can look at a persons birth time and get a sense of how their patterning is pre-disposed to unfold.

Polestar iPad App Darren Gibbs and Liu Ming developed a Polestar Chart iPad Application which uses birth-time toautomatically create a Polestar chart. Also included in this App are the class notes associated with this lecture series. To view the App Support Website and to Download the App click here.