About Us

Da Yuan Circle (DYC) is a San Francisco Bay Area based religious non-profit centered around Chinese religious and philosophical traditions as taught by Liu Ming.

DYC is a diverse mix of individuals from different backgrounds, ideologies, and countries whose aspirations and capacities differ widely. What holds us together as a group is a curiosity and interest in our common and innate experience as human-beings, our interest in the Chinese tradition, and a willingness to experiment and self-reflect upon the condition we find ourselves in.

The Chinese Tradition

The Chinese tradition, having on the surface what seems to be disparate practices / ideologies deriving from countless Central and West Asian cultures, is compiled together by an underlying foundational definition of what it means to be a human-being.  This definition (being inherently plastic and highly adaptable) was, and remains, the framework for the longest standing uninterrupted culture in recorded human history.  It is this human definition, and the subsequent cultural resources built upon and compiled around it, which DYC uses as mirror to reflect upon our personal and collective experience as human beings.

How can you engage with DYC?

Through this website you will find the many faceted, yet interconnected practices of the Chinese tradition taught by Liu Ming for your use and engagement in the ways which make sense to you.

Liu Ming has translated/written several books which can be found here
Books include the Zhouyi (Yijing or iChing) & Laozi's Daodejing, The Daoist hygiene book, 3 Treasures, and the Butterfly Book, a multi-discipline guide to Dream Practice. We have also published Ming's memoir, Facets

Recordings of our previously held classes and gatherings are available for download in our webstore here.  

Topics include: Chinese MedicinePolestar (natal) and Almanac (Tongshu) AstrologyDream Practice; understanding and using the ZhouyiFood and Hygiene practiceChinese Cosmology; and more.

DYC produces its own line of incense powders which can be found here.

When Liu Ming was alive, DYC held Chinese New Year gatherings in which Ming discussed the coming years astrological influence. Proceeds from these gatherings were used to support projects in Bhutan and Sikkim.  
Previous recordings of these gatherings can be found here.  

Visit our Youtube page for excerpts from recorded classes and gatherings here.

You can connect with DYC on Facebook here.


Inquiries can be emailed to: info (at) dayuancircle (dot) org