"What did it mean to be a Healer in ancient times...?"

"I think that Chinese Medicine is really a tool for liberation! It's got this grand vision, it can be so many things for harmonizing gender relations, Heaven and Earth, our relationship with animals and plants. There's just so much more."

–Sabine Wilms


Sabine Wilms, PhD, anthropologist and translator of ancient medical texts sees a grand vision for Chinese Medicine, one that as modern practitioners, we can lose sight of.  It's a vision that re-establishes Chinese Medicine within the cosmological View from which it emerged. Adaptations of Chinese Medicine within our default modern cosmology often unnecessarily reframe a medicine to be relegated to alternative, or one that is an adjunct to modern medicine. Re-establishing Chinese Medicine to its integrated and complete View changes the scope of Medicine and Healer. 

Presented in this conversation between Thuy Nguyen, a modern day practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Sabine Wilms, a modern day medical anthropologist and translator of ancient Chinese medical texts, is an important discussion about this vision, a complete cosmological View, and how this ancient applied worldview might be possible in the modern context.


By Thuy Nguyen/Berkeley Community Acupuncture for DYC


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